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Welcome to Golf Carts Palm Desert, we provide the latest information about golf carts in Palm Desert. CA.  Golf carts are a part of our way of life here in the desert with well over 100 golf courses in the Coachella Valley.   It is even legal to drive a properly outfitted golf cart on our streets.  The City of Palm Desert’s Golf Cart Transportation Program is intended to help develop a convenient transportation system that is safe and environmentally sensitive, generating zero auto emissions.

There are many different types of golf carts to chose from to fit your exact needs.  There are new golf carts and huge number of used and refurbished golf carts to chose from.   You can find them at most golf cart shops.  There are also many different types of engines to chose from.

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Red Mini Cooper Lights Up the Course

We offer both new and used golf carts including the exclusive Mini Cooper found only at Fairway Golf Cars.  We also provide any type golf cart service you might need from a new paint job to battery replacement.  We can make your old golf cart look like new.

Usually it is much simpler to trade in your old cart for a new or refurbished golf cart with a new extended warranty and service plan.  This is also a great way to upgrade your current golf cart to a new powerful 48 volt system if you have an older 36 volt golf cart.  You’ll be delighted with the increased speed and hill climbing power.

We offer generous trade in values for your used golf cart.  We will happily look at your used golf cart and make a great trade in offer.

Golf Carts Palm Desert

Our pride and joy is our new Mini Cooper model manufactured exclusively by Fairway Golf Cars, LLC.  You can’t find this one of a kind design anywhere else.  We import many of the parts such as lights directly from our suppliers in England and form the body work and assembly at a plant here in the Coachella Valley.

We can custom build your Mini Cooper Golf Cart specifically for you so that you have a one of a kind showcase golf cart.  You choose the colors and accessories.  Or you can buy one off our showroom floor for same day delivery to your home or golf course in the Coachella Valley.

We can design your Mini Cooper golf cart so that it is street legal.  We also provide this service for most popular golf cart brands.  This is a growing trend here in the desert, as cities allow permitted drivers to have full golf cart access throughout the communities.  This will provide safe, environmentally transportation throughout the cities in the Coachella Valley.

Visit us at our showroom at xxxx Country Club Drive, Palm Desert, or at our weekly display at the Street Fair at the College of the Desert.  You will be happy you did because we have your next golf cart all shined up and waiting for you.

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Golf Carts Palm Desert